WeatheredWoodMN started as a small family hobby shop, looking to fill a void in the industry. Many people seeking to achieve the rustic look in their homes and offices are awestruck at the sheer cost of authentic barn wood material. Not to mention the highly labor-intensive process involved in installing it. What we seek to do is offer everyone involved in the process a happy medium, without compromising on anything. We take new lumber, distress each individual board by hand and use custom stains and paints to achieve a truly unique rustic look that will hold up for years to come at a very affordable price. While our product is simple enough to install yourself, we also provide professionally licensed and insured installation services to anyone who is in need. We remain a small, family-run shop and our high levels of personal, attentive customer service reflects that. We will guarantee your satisfaction at every step of the process. Don’t hesitate to place an order and get some of this beautiful product in your home!